Chesterton 5505L

Chesterton 5505L


  • Shut-down to shut-down reliability
  • Significantly reduces downtime on critical equipment
  • Lowers emissions and meets environmental regulations
  • Reduces leakage and product loss
  • Reduces safety and housekeeping concerns
  • Improves plant efficiency and reduces total cost
  • Maintains constant compression on gasket seals
  • Eliminates leakage problems caused by thermal cycling, vibration, and pressure surges
  • High-temperature tolerance

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New Technology for Leak-Free Critical Flange Sealing

The Chesterton 5505L offers improved performance in flange discs over more common flange disc materials. Manufactured from an aerospace corrosion-resistant steel used for jet engines and steam turbines, the 5505L delivers superior protection in applications where high temperature and vibration are present.

This product:

  • Compensates for a variety of c​onditions that are detrimental to reliable joint sealing by maintaining a consistent load on the equipment gasket
  • Reduces the problems associated with equipment leakage due to system upsets and increases equipment uptime