Chesterton 7K

Chesterton 7K


Ensures Even Loading

  • Single-acting, split-stacked set; pressure-sensitive loading
  • Thermoset polymers, various combinations to accommodate older or new equipment
  • Molded product; existing tooling available for common sizes

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Single-Acting Piston Cup with Supporting Brass Disc for Anti-Extrusion Resistance

A single-acting piston cup with a positive, flared-lip design to optimize sealing forces. Each seal is individually manufactured and provides excellent performance in for use in hydraulic and pneumatic applications.

The Chesterton 7K compression-molded design is supplied with a supporting metallic brass disc, molded into the base of the seal to improve seal performance. The rigid base provides a stable, non-distorting, anti-extrusion resistant seal.

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Positive flared-lip design optimizes sealing forces
Supporting metallic brass disc improves seal performance
Long-life cup will not swell, deform, drag, or bind



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Material (designation) Size Range mm (inch) Temperature °C (°F) Pressure bar (psi) Speed m/s (ft/min)
AWC800 (EU) 25 to 711 (1 to 28) -50 to 85 (-60 to 185) 207 (3,000) 0.9 (185)
AWC805 (EU) 25 to 711 (1 to 28) -50 to 85 (-60 to 185) 207 (3,000) 0.5 (100)