ProPack A55K

25 bar
550 °C
30 m/s

ProPack A55K

Braided from Carbon fiber and carbon reinforced expanded Graphite Tape


  • Fire Safe Test API 589
  • BAM for gaseous oxygen 60 °C / 20 bar

Suitable for

  • Power plant technology
  • Boiler houses
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Pulp and paper industry



Jalostamot, Kemian teollisuus, Sellu ja paperi, Vedenkäsittely, Voimalaitokset


Jauhimet, Keittimet, Keskipakopumppu, Venttiilit


0 – 14



Lämpötila, hapettava ympäristö (max)


Pyydä tarjous

Tuote: ProPack A55K

Lämpötila: 550°C

Paine: 25 bar

Nopeus: 30 m/s

  • Universal plant wide use in static and rotating applications
  • Wear and extrusion stability through carbon fiber corner reinforcement
  • Non hardening, good reset capability, coefficient of thermal expansion corresponds to the coefficient of steel
  • High temperature resistance and excellent heat and electric conductivity
  • Self lubricating, excellent use in pumps, minimizing the need of flushwater
  • Easy to cut, assemble and disassemble
  • Low coefficient of friction minimizes the adjustment force in valves
  • No shaft wear, excellent dry running characteristics
  • Rings should be compressed in valve applications at assembly approx. 15 - 20 % in height
  • Die formed rings are recommended