Chesterton DirectFit Series

Chesterton DirectFit Series


Seals Designed to Fit Sultzer™* APP/APT and NPP/NPT Series Pumps

  • Fit Sultzer* APP/APT and NPP/NPT Series Pumps without pump modifications
  • Available both as a single and dual seal arrangements
  • Field repairable

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Seals Designed to Fit Sultzer™* APP/APT and NPP/NPT Series Pumps

Chesterton DirectFit™ Series mechanical seals are designed to fit the Sulzer* APP/APT and NPP/NPT series process pumps, providing an easy and convenient upgrade in sealing performance without modification.

  • Incorporates the latest in seal face design technology to minimize heat generation and optimize performance in the most difficult process services
  • Ideal for paperstock, hot condensate, liquors, solvents, and evaporation services in a variety of industries

* Sulzer Ltd. is in no way associated or affiliated with A.W. Chesterton Company. This reference to Sulzer pumps is intended solely to identify products of this other manufacturer for which A.W. Chesterton Company designed its DirectFit seals to be compatible.


High-torque monolithic seal faces
Designed to fit Sulzer* APP/APT and NPP/NPT pumps
Adjustable barrier/buffer fluid ports
Automatic centering
Field repair capable

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Koot 30 mm to 90 mm 1.18″ to 3.5″
Paine 711 mm or 28″ Hg Vacuum to 20 bar g / 300 psig*
Lämpötila –55°C to 300°C / –67°F to 570°F
Nopeus 25 m/s or 5000 fpm
*Seal pressure capabilities are dependent on the fluid sealed, temperature, speed, and seal face combinations. Temperature is dependent on elastomer type. For operation outside the limits and additional materials consult Chesterton Mechanical Seal Engineering.




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